Vodi releases the cutest Christmas video

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We lost count after 146 at the number of times we said “Aww” over Vodi’s music video for their song “This Is The Best Christmas”. We talked to Tom Lynch of Vodi earlier this month on why the group recorded a holiday song and he joked “Well our slave driver of a manager implied that we needed one. Turns out we love Christmas cause none of us buys each other presents, so we all save money. So we wrote the song. It’s a love song. About my wife. We’re in love.” HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THEM??

Vodi is Tom Lynch, Haley Lynch, David Lascoe,  Austin Sepulvado, E. Marshall Graves, Tank Lisenbe, and Gus Alvarado. We’re just gonna watch this on repeat until the end of time.