Tyler Carter Releases “Hello” Cover!

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Every now and then Tyler Carter releases solo projects aside from his band’s (Issues) records. It’s been about 2 months since his last solo cover music video release and it couldn’t have been to a better song! So many artists jumped on board to cover Adele‘s “Hello as it became a crowd favorite after being released this past year.

Tyler is known for putting his own spin into the music he covers, making it a tad more soulful. Creating music aside from Issues allows him to show a different side of his musicality. It really broadens him as a musician and eliminates doubt of true talent.

The video for this cover was a perfect release for the holidays as he went on this journey of sleeping on benches and finding his way home. The story wasn’t about romantic love but rather love for family or an old friend. His pain and struggle were beautifully expressed through the scenes as he embarked on each road that would lead him to his destination. Along with his powerful vocals, this release may have been one of the best covers for this track because he didn’t overdo anything and felt very organic.

This wasn’t the first time he covered an Adele song just take a look at his cover of “Someone Like You” released over four years ago. Make sure to keep up with Tyler as well as his band Issues for new music in 2016.