Tortuga Music Festival Countdown

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We’re already a couple of weeks in to 2017 and hopefully all of you are still sticking to your new years resolutions. All you gym rats are still going strong in the gym, posts about being a better person are still all over social media, but what we really can’t wait for is festival season which is coming in hot!

As soon as Tortuga Music Festival ended last year we immediately wanted to be back on the sand listening to our favorite artists. Once the line up came out this year we began counting down the days. In case the holidays altered your memory with all those ugly sweater partiers we’re here to give you a little reminder of the amazing line up!

The headliners are none other than Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan, and Chris Stapleton. Yes, you read that right.

The rest of  the line up is just as outstanding with all of your favorites covered. We can’t wait to see who might jump on stage with one another or maybe even jump in the ocean! The festival is celebrating it’s 5th year so who knows what’s going to happen.

All we have to say is it April 7th yet?!

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