Top 10 Mark Hoppus Twitter Moments!

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Mark Hoppus, producer, TV host, and bassist of Blink-182 has a mind of his own. His lack of filtration on twitter makes him one of the most entertaining people to follow. Here is some of our top 10 favorite tweets by Mark!

Is it Mark, is it really?


I think this his attempt at being a ‘tool’?

I mean you ARE the one who decides what’s funny on twitter… what’s one more job to add to your already impressive resume?

Isn’t he just the nicest guy ever? Wanting to buy coffee for all of his 2.6 million followers!

Better than a rando off the street!

It’s a logical question, don’t you think?

Trying to reach out to the younger demographic now, Mark?

….enough said….

We applaud you for not only your creativity with the lyric change, but your choice in television programing.

We say It’s never too early to celebrate the holidays!