Dinner and A Suit Spotlight!

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Dinner and a Suit? No, it’s not a spy comedy – it’s the name of a band that has a new EP coming out this October. The four-piece group is based out of Nashville, TN, but their sound is by no means country. They are reminiscent of U2, Coldplay and Imagine Dragons, to put their musical style into perspective.

Made up of singer Jonathan Capeci, guitarist Joey Beretta, bassist Anthony Genca and drummer Drew Scheuer, the group has been together since 2008. They have released a few EPs and albums, the most recent of which was “Since Our Departure” in 2012. 

In the two years since the release of “Since Our Departure” the four have been touring across the country, playing at various colleges and venues to help spread the word about themselves and their music. As a result of this constant touring, there’s something quite special about the EP, titled “Stay”, that the group is releasing – it was written on the road and recorded live-to-tape. The group has said that this decision was made as a way to challenge themselves as well as be their most honest selves through the music.

The first sample of this new music is a song called “Can’t Get Enough” and can be listened to on Soundcloud now here. The album, dropping October 7, can be preordered now through Dinner and a Suit’s website or iTunes.