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Last night was the mid-season premiere for The Fosters, on the new Freeform network! To catch you up with where we left off for the mid-season 3 finale, Brandon won the a competition at Idyllwild, for the chance to play at Disney Hall (what accident that totally destroyed his hands?!) and Callie was adopted!!! Not everything was sunshine and rainbows though. Jude’s boyfriend Connor has decided to move to LA to live with his mom, because his dad cannot quite understand him being gay. Mariana, Jesus, Ana, and Ana’s baby, Isabella, were in an almost fatal car accident at the end of season 2. Mike suspects that AJ’s brother Tyler had something to do with the accident and has a pen that Tyler used tested for DNA. Tensions were high between Stef and Lena. Stef had a cancer scare, while Lena’s boss Monte, had kissed her. The weirdest turn of events in the first half of season 3 involved Jesus. He returned home from boarding school, which he left for immediately following his recovery from the accident, looking a little more “bulked up.” (They re-casted his character, following Jake T. Austin leaving the show.) I don’t think I forgot anything… OH WAIT! Callie and Brandon took their forbidden relationship to the next level and had sex! And now you’re all caught up!

Get ready, because last night’s episode brought so much to light! Brandon emotionally performs with an orchestra at Disney Hall, with the whole family in the audience. Callie is feeling the emotion too, having flashbacks to their secret. Next, the two awkwardly meet in the bathroom and discuss an upcoming presentation Callie is giving about an app that she developed, called Fost and Found and how nervous she is. Brandon tells her he got sick before Disney Hall. Brandon also reveals to Callie that after his performance, he was approached by a Julliard professor for an audition. Callie is ecstatic for him, but Brandon doesn’t see any reason to audition because the tuition is so expensive. We also learn that AJ’s grandma has passed away.

Mike helps AJ and Tyler clean out their grandma’s room at the nursing home and tells the brothers that any fees that insurance won’t cover will be paid for by him. Tyler (Zeke from High School Musical!!!), who has had trouble trusting Mike in the past, is hesitant to accept. As Mike is moving a box to the car, he makes a call to a fellow police officer, to stop testing Tyler’s DNA, seeing as Tyler is the only biological family that AJ has now.

After all of the medical bills from Stef’s brush with cancer, the family is tight on money, as Brandon thought. The Fosters get a surprise visit from Monte, who apologizes for what happens, and offers to resign as Principal of Anchor Beach. Stef and Lena decide to think it over.

At school, Callie gives a speech about Fost and Found and how important it is that the foster system change. She is approached by a woman named Justina Marks, who would like to invest $50,000 in the app.

Mariana is running for class president and has brought on her friend, and Jesus’ ex, Emma, as her campaign manager. However, their meeting is interrupted by Lexi, another of Jesus’ exes, whose family was able to come back to the country after they had to leave, due to visa issues. In a wonderful comic relief moment, Brandon passes through the room, only to say that “it’s an ex-girlfriend convention” in their house.

Callie meets with Justina Marks at the Foster home and wants to become an investor for Callie and expand her idea, as well as make Callie a spokesperson for the foster system. After the meeting, Justina suspiciously makes a call, concerning a boy that Callie had spoken with, who was very upset about his current foster situation. (I sense some major shadiness here.)

Connor and Jude discuss his move and Jude is taking it really hard. Connor just cannot handle the pressure he is feeling from his dad.

Unfortunately, Mike didn’t stop the DNA search quick enough, and the DNA comes back positive, meaning Tyler caused the accident that almost took a life in the Foster family. Stef becomes aware of this at work and gives Mike major pressure for not telling her sooner and him wanting to sweep this discovery under the rug.

The meeting for Mariana’s presidential campaign is going as well as expected and tensions are high between Emma and Lexi. Emma decides she can’t help Mariana because she’s not being serious enough, after Mariana chooses a picture for her poster that makes her look more sexy than smart (Smart is sexy, people!). Mariana decides that she appreciates Lexi’s opinion,  but Emma’s is the one that will matter most.

As the episode starts to wind down, the drama really begins. Jack Downey, the boy who spoke with Callie after her speech, visits to say that he was moved to a group home and asks if Callie said anything. This prompts a visit from Justina Marks, who says she did not make that call yet (LIAR!). Justina Marks also becomes an administrator for Fost and Found (MISTAKE).

Stef discovers that her mom is dating a much younger man. She also learns that her mom sent her mammogram for a second opinion and that doctor wants to see her. Jesus tells Mariana that he is flunking out of boarding school, which Moms approach him about and already know is a lie because they called the school. A spot opens up in Jesus’ grade at Anchor Beach and Monte jumps the waiting list to allow Jesus to come back. However, Lena doesn’t like the idea.

AJ asks Callie to go to a comic event and Callie confides in Brandon, who wants them to be open to each other about who they’re seeing. Callie decides to go with AJ, unsure if it is as friends or more. Unfortunately for her, AJ decides to leave for Arizona with his brother, after Tyler realizes that the police have learned he caused the accident.

The family goes out to dinner and Moms tell Brandon that they want him to audition for Julliard and that they will figure out the money. He plays a piano at the restaurant and makes it very obvious that he is extremely happy, giving everyone watching major feels. He also meets a potential new love interest when getting his grandma a drink at the bar, again making everyone swoon because he’s so nice.

In the last few minutes while at Anchor Beach, we find out Lexi is running against Mariana for president, while Connor’s dad apologizes to Jude for not understanding Connor (all the feels). Stef, Lena, and Sharon visit the second doctor and learn that Stef has stage 0 cancer. The episode ends with Callie waking up to find a post on her site about her and Brandon’s faulted moment.

This show has so much drama, but somehow makes it so believable! Catch the rest of the season Mondays at 8/7c on Freeform!

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