The Drama State Playlist Takeover & Interview!

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The lovely lads in The Drama State curated a playlist just for our readers! We also did a Q&A with them which you can check out below. Be sure to check out their music video for Pool House Envy!

1) How was your band formed?
Ryan: Everyone in the band has known each other for awhile outside of music. We all lived in the same town and went to the same schools. Except for Ronnie. We adopted him from a homeless musicians shelter, we call him Rescue Ronnie… Not really. Ronnie was on tour with another band and we all clicked so he just naturally joined the band.

2) How did you come up with The Drama State as a band name?
Ryan: Our drummer Mike said it as almost a joke about the state/town that we lived in but then we all thought “no wait that could work”. Essentially EVERY state is the drama state.

3) You were recently on Warped Tour. Any crazy experiences?
Ronnie: 41 dates in 55 days across America is crazy, right? haha.

4) What song off of The Quiet Life EP is the most fun to perform live?
Ryan. We all like playing “38th & Central” the most. There’s a great live energy to it. There’s like something else behind it entirely.

5) What was the inspiration behind your latest single, “Pool House Envy”?
Ronnie: The inspiration for the song came from a situation our singer Ryan went through. It’s a look back at something that you had and lost, and the clarity that comes after that lets you know it’s okay. That everything doesn’t have to be perfect.

6) If you could tour with anyone, who would it be?
Ronnie: This is such a difficult question.
Ryan: Matchbook Romance.
Ronnie: Or Third Eye Blind.
Ryan: Or maybe Anberlin.
Ronnie: There’s so many great bands out there.

7) Who are your musical influences?
Ronnie Everything from the Drive-Thru era of pop punk.

Ryan: We also draw a lot of influence from 90’s bands like The Wallflowers and Third Eye Blind too. I think us listing every single influence would be a separate interview altogether. (laughs)

8) Any upcoming tour plans?
Ronnie: We are staying really focused on writing and recording a new full length through the winter.
Ryan: Once we get that out will get back in the van and come see everyone.

9) You’ve been in the studio lately. What can fans expect from your new music?
Ryan: Everything that’s on “The Quiet Life” x1000. We are working really hard to let all of our personalities shine through on this album…and I think we are finally figuring it out.

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