The Bachelor Week 3

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Missed last night’s episode of The Bachelor? No problem, we’ve got the scoop on all that you need to know!

Quick analyzation, I will say that Ben Higgins has a thing for one on one dates that involve a hot tub/pool of some sort. He has now been on three one on one dates and all of them have involved some sort of pool, a plane or a helicopter, and some performance by some unknown band (are we really shocked by this, or is this a bachelor tradition?).

This past episode was the cattiest one thus far this season. We learned that some of the girls think Olivia has terrible breath and ugly toes, that Jubilee would make a horrible soccer mom, and that some of them make sad situations extremely uncomfortable.

Example A, when Ben tells the ladies that his loved ones past away the night before, he is naturally seeking comfort and someone to be there for him..What does Olivia do? She starts talking about herself, and how she’s been bullied because of her cankles  (not the time for cankle conversations, another time might have been fine)…

Example B, some women spent their time trying to hate on Jubilee and start drama instead of trying to consolidate Ben for the loss of his loved ones. They also got mad at Jubilee for giving him a massage in which I must say, is a bit strange that a massage bed popped out of the nowhere..but HEY, it’s The Bachelor…All sorts of weird things can happen. It was a strange night in general to say the least.

The most shocking thing to happen throughout the whole episode was the departure of Lace. According to Lace, she felt that she could never fall in love with someone if she didn’t love herself first. Sounds logical, and I’m glad she’s admitting it but in my mind I just see it as an easy way to leave the show without having to get eliminated (or not getting a rose). Lace appeared on Bachelor Live after the episode ended and did say that she no longer drinks as much as she used to, and that she’s making great strides towards bettering herself (YAY LACE…still wish you would have stayed on the show a bit longer). She did receive a personal invitation though from Chris Harrison to appear on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise, in which she did not accept nor deny.

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