The Bachelor’s Brandon Mills Reflects on TV Experience with New Single

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ABC The Bachelor‘s Brandon Mills gives his audience a chance to ‘listen to his heart’ with his new single, Glistening.

The American singer-songwriter was apart of the debut series The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart. With this single release, Brand hopes that listeners hear his heart and sees his true self in contrast to how he may have been perceived on TV.

After four years of service in the Marines, Brandon left the military with a strong desire to embark on a new journey. The new release came to life as he embarked on a journey of self-discovery and reflection.  Spending time traveling and working for nonprofits around the globe, he had no idea what kind of impact it would have on his mind, body, and soul.

I left the military with a strong desire to rebuild, restore, and repair.  Not only myself but my fellow human. As a result of my passion for self-reflection and purity (as I saw it through the lens of my young eyes), I was celibate for over a year at this point.  I had such a strong desire for a relationship with a love interest but spent most of my time reading, and writing, serving and working on myself instead,” explains Brandon. “What began as a desire to give back, became a self-reflective journey between my head and my heart. “Glistening” spilled out of me one night, the muses in full effect, as I sat on the floor and daydreamed of what a romance could be with the right partner.

With this new project, Brandon will be releasing an official music video in the coming weeks. The single is a lead into an entire EP the singer-songwriter has planned for a later date.

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