Dierks Bentley Releases Sequel to “Drunk On A Plane”

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Dierks Bentley released the sequel to “Drunk on a Plane” this morning titled “Somewhere on a Beach”.

“Somewhere on a Beach” is the first single off his eighth studio album “Black”, and it definitely is an interesting choice for a first single.

Bentley’s new album is supposed to explore the “shadows and edges of the heart”, so the single itself may be a little odd when introducing what the album will be like, but nevertheless, the single is amazing and such a catchy tune.

The instrumentals of this song is super edgy and the guitar riffs during the tune is super sexy.

The song talks about a guy trying to get over a breakup and letting his ex know that her assumptions about him being hung over their past relationship is inaccurate.

Lyrics include “Got a new girl, she got it going on…She’s got a body and she’s naughty and she got me like you ain’t ever got me…Getting sun, getting sun and I ain’t slept in a week…Yeah I’m somewhere on a beach”.

This song is set to be a summer jam, and it’s definitely a great tease to all the new music in his upcoming album!

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