The Bachelor Recap: Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, & a Hot Tub

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Last night’s episode was nothing but entertaining.

There were two group dates, and a one on one date.

The first group date began with some girls going over to “Bachelor High” where they would have to go through different courses, and competitions in order to win Homecoming Queen. Dentist, Mandi won Homecoming Queen, but sadly that was all she won. Jojo ended up receiving the rose on the group date, Jennifer received the first intentional kiss of the season, and Ben grew fonder of Jubilee.

The one on one was with the cutie from Boston, Caila. Their date was facilitated by comedians Ice Cube & Kevin Hart. The theme of the date was “cheap”, they stopped at liquor shops and bought vodka, Kevin Hart tried to get Ben to buy condoms, and got Caila cheap flowers, and they went inside a hot tub where Kevin Hart joined them naked. A pretty eventful date, if you ask me. The date concluded with them having dinner at a small cozy restaurant and being serenaded by Amos Lee.

The second group date took place at a Love Test Lab where Ben got to feel out his chemistry with the women, by smelling their scents and starring into each others eyes very intimately. The most compatible woman out of all the girls on the group date was Olivia, the former news anchor. It’s no shocker to us as they obviously have visible chemistry, but the women seem to not appreciate their relationship, naturally. It is no surprise that Olivia ended up getting the rose that night on the group date.

Wondering where Lace has been all this time throughout the episode? Being awkward and interrupting the women’s one on one time with Ben…LITERALLY.

It definitely does not make sense as to why Ben still keeps her around as there is no visible chemistry between the two, but I will say, she does make the show that much more entertaining.

This season is definitely promising to say the least, at least based off past episodes, and previews for episodes to come.

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