Devon Werkheiser Releases “Stuck On The Ground” First Official Song Of 2016!

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If you remember Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide then you remember Devon Werkheiser otherwise known as @DevonWerkharder on social media. He is the true definition of triple threat and might just have other talents up his sleeve. From the singing and song writing aspect Devon is ready to take over 2016. His recent release of “Stuck On The Ground” is just a taste of what is to come from him. As if one single wasn’t enough, Mr. Werkheiser will be releasing 2 singles aside from “Stuck On The Ground” this month.

If you recall last year he released an EP titled ‘Here and Now’. “Temple” surely had an Ed Sheeran vibe – just so beautifully crafted. Every single release of his has a purpose or a story behind it. Through his writing he spreads life lessons with a mellow and meaningful sound.

“Stuck On The Ground” is fantastic simply because it’s for everyone who is willing to give it a listen. There is nothing sexual or raunchy about it. Music is meant to make a person FEEL and this track definitely goes straight to the heart. It’s important to acknowledge musicians who make music from the heart, something so hard to find on mainstream radio now a days.

Below is a live performance of Devon’s “Stuck On The Ground” by the singer/song-writer himself. This video is from 2008 which means Devon has kept the song on lock for a while now. Whether it needed to be perfected or wasn’t the right time to be released, it’s a great first official track of 2016.

Be sure to keep up with Devon Werkheiser and his upcoming projects! He has a lot more in store as seen in the posts below!

Also be sure to get “Stuck On The Ground” HERE!


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