Exclusive: Sean Stemaly on “Drunk Kissin”

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Country cutie Sean Stemaly has a brand new single out and we are kinda, sorta, totally obsessed with it. Luckily for us, we got to chat with him all about it.

The title alone, “Drunk Kissin'” holds a lot of promise for a song. What was is the story behind the song?

The song gave me a good feeling from the start. It’s a “feel good” and relatable to a lot of people that listen to country. It’s just one of those fun songs you can listen to during any time of the year.

What was filming the music video like? Seems like a riot!

Filming the video was pretty much like being at a party. It was really fun!

Do you have a go to drink of choice?

I’m a bourbon/whiskey guy. I like trying new brands and flavors, but I drink Jack the most, I’d say.

Is there a possibility to tour in the future to support your new releases?

Definitely, I’d love to tour in the future. That’s one of my main focuses right now.

How did your grandpa influence your love for music?

Neither one of them really played music – I found that love on my own. They did have a huge influence on my work ethic, which I use every day of my life. They taught me to work hard and to take pride in whatever work I do.

When did you begin songwriting, and what’s your favorite song you’ve ever written?

I started coming to Nashville to write songs about 2 years ago. My favorite one I’ve written so far is probably “River Road.” It’s about a place where I had parties with my friends back home every weekend when I was 19-20.

How does Nashville compare to Kentucky and Indiana?

Nashville is a very different world, but like a small town in a way. A lot of the people here come from that small town background like me, so it gives the city a special feel. It’s definitely still an adjustment for me though.

Do you have any influences your fans would be a bit surprised by?

I’d say the most surprising one would be Linkin Park. I’ve always loved their music and how they’re always different, and I would love to do that with my music.

Lastly a fun one, who would be your dream celebrity to do some “Drunk Kissin'” with?

Would have to be Kate Upton.