Stefan Alexander Playlist Takeover

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New York City based Pop/R&B singer-songwriter, Stefan Alexander, recently released his debut single “Skeleton.” The song is about the blurred lines between friendship and romance. “Skeleton” is a pop track with some R&B and electro influences. Commenting on the track, Stefan says, “The song is about a very close friend I had in high school, but I rounded the friendship up to a romantic relationship for the sake of the song. The friendship ended in such a confusing and terrible way that it forever changed how I thought about the longevity of any relationship, both romantic and platonic.”

Stefan draws inspiration from other artists such as Justin Timberlake, Carole King, Billie Holiday, and Joni Mitchell. Although he does find inspiration in other artists, movies, or art, what makes Stefan unique is his ability to take inspiration from everyday experiences. “I get most of my material from whatever is going on in my life,” says Stefan. “Sometimes I’m inspired by friends and family, and sometimes I’m inspired by strangers. But the people that surround me never fail to spark an idea.”

Stefan shared his playlist with us and we want to share it with you! To find out what Stefan has been listening to lately, check out his Stage Right Secrets Playlist Takeover below!


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