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Stars Will Help You Find Your Way to Great Music with ‘No One Is Lost’

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It’s been a little over two years since Stars released their sixth full-length album The North on September 4, 2012, but have no fear because this quintet is still shining as a band. In fact, as of October 14, Stars added a new collection of songs to their galaxy of released albums with No One Is Lost. Recorded at Mount Zoomer, a studio located above a since-closed gay discotheque in Montreal,Canada, the seventh studio record definitely pays homage to its nearby environment with danceable tunes reflecting an overall positive vibe, although the themes of some of the songs might prove otherwise.

The album begins with the lead single “From The Night” that switches back and forth between synthpop verses by frontman Torquil Campbell, and an electric guitar-driven chorus featuring both Campbell and frontwoman Amy Millan. If A Flock of Seagulls and Cyndi Lauper ever had a musical baby together, this is probably what it would sound like. Just like “Theory of Relativity,” the opening track from The North, “From The Night” is a great start to the album and holds promise that the rest of the record will be just as wonderful.

No One Is Lost continues on with “This Is The Last Time,” reminiscent of “Backlines,” the second track from The North, featuring similar drum beats, a bright and euphoric chorus, and of course, the familiar wispy and delicate vocals from Millan. If you’re a fan of “Backlines,” checking out “This Is The Last Time” is definitely recommended with hopes that it won’t be the last time you’ll listen to it.

The fourth song, “Turn It Up,” begins with pre-recorded dialogue, similar to what can be heard in every other Stars album, one thing that hasn’t changed about the band’s musical style. The track also features chants from a children’s chorus echoing the vocals of Campbell and Millan, a new musical element that cannot be heard in earlier albums.

Stars also experiments with a more country-sounding twang in their tenth track, “Look Away,” which could potentially cause fans to turn heads. For those with open ears, consider listening to the tune more than once, and you’ll realize that the band pulls off the unique sound quite well.

No One Is Lost ends with the title track, a potential anthem for party-goers and last-dance song to conclude a crazy night out. Campbell’s lyrics “put your hands up if you ever feel afraid” are sure to reassure those hitting the bottle that they’re not the only ones going through struggles.

While Stars has taken on an even poppier-sounding album compared to their previous ones, along with a little bit of musical experimentation, they still never fail to incorporate intellectual lyrics and messages into their songs. Despite whichever direction they decide to go in their future musical endeavors, the vocal chemistry between Campbell and Millan will for sure continue to be as brilliant as their band name.