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Lady Antebellum 747 Album Review

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you’re a big fan of country music you’ve definitely heard the sweet melodies of Hillary, Charles and Dave. These three make up one of today’s biggest country music groups. However lately it’s been a rocky few years for Lady Antebellum. After their big hit “Need You Now” back in 2010, their albums haven’t seen much sucess except with their hardcore fans. With a few hits here and there like “Downtown” and “Compass”, a lot of us have being hungry for something a little more substantial from the group.

Well it looks like we may finally have ourselves a big album on our hands. Right from the beginning you can hear the band going back to some of their original roots. Trying to stay relevant in the music business is definitely hard, but I consider the Country music genre to be one of the harder ones out there. Yet Lady Antebellum prevails with their new album 747.

We get things started of with two rocking songs “Long Stretch of Love” and their newest single “Bartender”. These songs are great and get you absolutely hooked right off of the bat. I honestly wanted to hit the repeat button right there, but hey we still had 9 other songs on the album to listen to.

The rest of the album flows effortlessly telling us tales of heartbreak, love and other problems we all deal with in life. “Down South” is nice country song about life in the Deep South. Where any good country fan knows some of the best memories and music are made. Throughout the next few tracks I really feel like Lady A shines. Going back to show us what makes “country music” well…country.

However they do keep things a little more contemporary with songs like “Sounded Good At The Time” and “747”. Both songs have a heavier use of electric guitars and more up-tempo back beats, giving you a vibe similar to the early years of Taylor Swift.

Lady Antebellum finishes off the album with the crooner of a song  called “Just A Girl”, which I honestly am a little obsessed with. It’s another one of those incredibly relatable songs that really tugs at the heart. (Maybe artist could write/sing about something different if guys would mature a bit *hint hint*)

This is album is nothing but an enjoyable ride through some of today’s best Country music. After a few years of playing the field, it seems like this band from Nashville, TN has hit another home run. I hope they go on tour soon because these songs will definitely sound amazing live. Yeehaw![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]