Something More Answers Our Burning Questions!

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We recently got the chance to chat with the guys from Something More and check out their responses below!
Who is Something More and how did you guys end up writing music together?
We are Tim Jagielski (vocals/acoustic guitar), Chad Nunnally (bass/back up vocals), Phil Rasinski (back up vocals/guitar), Nate Swartz (guitar), and Brian Rasinski (drums). We all went to the same schools and ended up becoming great friends. Everyone but Nate started the band in 2011 and Nate joined in 2015 after losing a guitarist. Ever since high school the 5 of us were always best friends. Music was a way to have fun and release some stress. As the years went on it became more serious and led us to writing “Dogs.”
What artists or bands have influenced your guys’ sound the most or that you guys generally look up to?
The first was always All Time Low. The name “Something More” came from Coffee Shop Soundtrack. They were always our hometown heroes. State Champs and With The Punches became two bands that we looked up to a lot as well. We always loved the sound both of these bands produced. All three of these bands always had great live performances which became something we wanted to focus on. Ever since seeing them live, we always wanted to be the band that went crazy for their fans and vice versa. 
What was the writing process like for your debut EP “Dogs” and what’s the story behind that title?
We started writing in July of 2015. We had been renting out a practice space which we still use today. We basically locked ourselves in there 4-5 days a week to write the record. The track list of the record is actually in order the songs were written, except for It’s Not About You, which was always going to be the final song on the EP. The very first time the idea of titling the EP “Dogs”, Britt and Cat from our label, Common Ground Records, suggested the name. We had a song, the 3rd track, called “All My Best Friends Are Dogs” which gave them the idea. We fell in love with the name because we have all had dogs as pets presently and in the past. When we aren’t touring, 4 out of the 5 of us have day jobs at a doggy daycare. The name really hits home with every single one of us. 
How was spending a summer out on Warped Tour? What was playing the shows like?
 We can honestly say that this summer on Warped Tour was the best summer of our lives. We felt very accepted into the community of the tour and everyone that we worked with including Tada Catering made us feel very welcome and at home. Playing Warped Tour was always a dream for us. This past summer that dream came true and we are very thankful for the opportunity to play in front of so many new faces. The reactions we experienced were better than we ever expected and we couldn’t thank everyone enough for taking the time to check out our band. 
Any standout moments from being on Warped?
Our set in Pomona, CA was a huge stand out moment for us. The amount of people that came to watch us was almost overwhelming. The last couple nights of tour were amazing. Being able to reminisce with everybody was bittersweet. It’s like the last day of summer camp when you had a ton of fun with new friends and have to say goodbye too soon. 
You just released “It’s Not About You Pt.2,” how has the response been so far?
We released “It’s Not About You Pt. II” on September 9th and played it live for the first time at the Common Ground East Coast Fest. Seeing all our friends and fans sing back every word two weeks after it was released was an unbelievable and humbling experience. 
How was your recent fall tour?
The fall tour was a huge success. We always love being out on the road because we get to play in front of people that don’t have the opportunity to see us at home. We’d like to thank everybody that came out to the shows. We will continue to tour in the future with a high energy set and can’t wait to get back out on the road.