Santa’s Sleigh is Full Tonight: Bands Tell Their Holiday Favorites

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On the second day of Christmas, Stage Right Secrets gave to you… A brand new holiday feature starring some of our favorite artists!

All month long we will be gifting our fans with holiday stories and songs from the artists we’ve worked with in 2014. Up first, The Unlikely Candidates! Here’s their story on their holiday song “Father Christmas” and the music video:

Last year we recorded our version of Father Christmas by the Kinks to release as a gift for the holiday’s. Or management wanted us to make a video to go along with it and they gave us a tiny budget to work with. We figured we would do a pub crawl ending at a house party. What better way to bring the holidays right? At the time we were in the Los Angeles area so Jared invited a bunch of his friends to come out to Long Beach and join. We all dressed up in santa costumes, ugly sweaters, elf hats… anything Christmas we could get our hands on. We made gallons and gallons of jungle juice. Everyone was drunk before we even got to the bars. We went out and hit 4 bars causing a ruckus every where we went. We had shredded paper in sacks we were throwing around and making it “Snow”. By the time we got back to the house we were all black out wasted. We could hardly play any of our songs. It was for sure one of the best holiday parties we had ever been to!

Gina is a former editor and content creator for Stage Right Secrets. From October 2013-November 2016, she was responsible for social media and SEO practices, on-camera assignments and assigning stories to staff.