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Review: Demi Lovato’s Confident

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I don’t listen to mainstream radio often but when I heard Confident for the first time I was completely jamming out to the point where I didn’t realize the stoplight turned green in front of me.  I have to be honest- I didn’t adore Demi’s first single Cool For The Summer. Demi is clearly going for the pop meets dance track that’s extremely radio friendly.

I’m SO ecstatic that Demi decided to include an incredibly meaningful ballad entitled Stone Cold.  There aren’t many mainstream artists out there that decide to put a meaningful song on their album, and I have to praise Miss. Lovato for that. Stone Cold deserves a GRAMMY plain and simple. Almost everyone can relate to this song about a past relationship and getting over your significant other.

 Old Ways is more of an electronic centered track, phenomenal lyrics with more techno elements. Whoever produced the track seamlessly flows the slower verses into the fast paced chorus. For You once again blends slower verses with upbeat choruses with electronic meets gospel like feel with Demi’s ability to hit and hold insane notes that most only dream of doing.

Iggy Azalea is featured on the track Kingdom Come.  This track has more of an R&B electronic feel. I can see this song being a hit in the dance clubs. Sirah worked on Waitin For You. I’m a huge fan of Sirah’s work and she has yet to let me down.  This song is such an empowerment track. I will definitely be getting ready in the mornings to this song.

Wildfire has such a unique vibe accompanied with more of an alternative beat. I’m fully obsessed with the lyrics and rhythm.  Lionheart has such a great message along with some of the best vocals Demi has recorded to date. Father is a vulnerable and touching tribute. You have to listen to it to fully grasp the emotion and gratefulness.  Yes is almost like a woman getting married. It’s asking a person to love me the way I am and what they want out of this relationship.

Demi has two bonus tracks along with two remixes of Cool For The Summer. Stars started off sounding like something out of Star Wars if it was a cartoon.  Not my favorite of Demi’s but still a good song. Mr. Hughes showcases Demi’s R&B flair.

The promotion for this album campaign was great with the two radio singles, including fans in promotion with hiding confident boxes that included clips from her album prior to the release date.  The hype was worth it and Demi’s album is overall a smash success.

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