Rayana Ragan Prepares for Musical Journey with Heartfelt Releases

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Singer-songwriter Rayana Ragan is taking the world by storm as she marches on her own path to success. The pop artist has branched out in her talents with a wide variety of experience in the entertainment and music industry.

Born in the Golden State, California, Rayana was raised by her mother, who was a fashion model, and her father who was a photographer. She started her career in the industry as a child having spent her days on sets and backstages at runway shows. Rayana added acting to her modeling talents and has gone on to sign contracts with top agencies such as Wilhelmina, Next, and MGM.

Her acting career took flight when she landed acting roles on the hit TV series, “Switched at Birth,” and a film titled, “In Other Words.”

Rayana’s musical talents also began at a young age when she played 1st chair trombone in her school jazz band for two years. Some of her musical influences growing up were Erykah Badu, Ella Fitzgerald, Sam Cooke, and even Tupac. She decided to pursue her career in music and she began to train with Valerie Morehouse and Dean Shepherd at Morehouse Vocal Studio located in Studio City, CA. Rayana has recently dropped her single, “Rock Bottom,” of which was written about her grandfather. “He and I never had a good close relationship largely due to his alcoholism and this song was written around the time of his passing as a way for me to heal and say some things I had left unsaid,” Rayana states.


With new music on the horizon, Rayana Ragan isn’t slowing down anytime soon. As she prepares for another single and an EP, she continues to tell heartfelt and personal stories through her music.

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