Rapper BNAST Defines Hip-Hop Genre with Unveiling “Prevail”

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New Jersey’s musical sensation BNAST isn’t a stranger to the music industry. With his personal experiences and work ethic, in 2012 he launched his own label Grind Nation.

Recently he finished filming the video for his single, “Prevail.” As the hip-hop scene isn’t something I listen to everyday, I was drawn to the catchy tune about experiencing new things in life and overcoming them with a certain someone.

This song is about Bnast looking to get more serious with his personal life and career in the music industry. But to do that he is trying to let go of all of his bad habits. Rid of a few toxic traits and even willing to go through it alone so that he comes out a better person. He wants someone to stick close to him who won’t allow him to go back to his old ways and sticks by his side through the ups and downs.” explains BNAST.

You can watch the recent music video for “Prevail” below.

In early 2020, he debuted his album titled Drippy Love. With that release, BNAST took inspiration from his favorite music artists and created a master piece that was meaningful to him. One of the singles off Drippy Love, titled “Right Here,” has garnered over 100,000 views, and rising.

As 2020 wasn’t already successful for the hip-hop artist, 2021 continuities to create a solid career for him.

I got a few singles I’m looking forward to dropping. “Regardless”, “Pressure”, “Flaws”. 2021 really is gonna be a expansion year for me. I just opened up a new studio and I’m looking to use it to expand my network and music endeavors. I’m leaving no stones left unturned this year. I want it all.” explains BNAST.

You can learn more about BNAST by visiting his website