Pop Artist Nick Isham Releases Next Chapter of Career with EP

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Singer-songwriter Nick Isham is back with another piece of him.

In his new release, “A PIECE OF ME PT. 4,” he continues his previously release track with new pop love, experienced-based tracks. Nick has taken the time during what feels like a never-ending pandemic to perfect his craft and create many amazing tracks to add to his discography. Having found love for music at a young age, the sky is the limit with what Nick Isham plans to achieve in music. 

“There are two sides to every coin. A Piece of Me pt. 4 is a collection of six songs that look at the two sides of my experiences in relationships. One side being the good times, the feeling of wanting and needing to be with that someone, the trust that you’ve found the right person in that someone you’re with, etc. The other side being the not-so-good times, struggle of getting over someone, what it’s like to be with someone knowing it’s not the right person, etc. I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum and this EP is a look into my experience with both sides.” explains Nick.

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