Our exclusive chat with Adam Masterson

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Do you feel originally being from London had an effect on your music?
Well, I played live all over London for many years and have a lot of friends who I’ve made music with there, so I think you always carry that with you. The people and the places end up finding their way into what you are doing for sure.

How do London and New York compare?
London’s vast with lots of little pockets, New York’s more compact and all the music venues I play are nearby. I found that helped getting people out to the gigs.

What can you tell us about your upcoming EP, Delayed Fuse?
It’s coming out in the new year. I’m excited to share it with you and hope you like it!

You’ve shared the stage with The Stereophonics, Tori Amos, Patti Smith, Amy Winehouse and Joseph Arthur. What was that experience like?
It’s great playing to bigger audiences and all the production that comes with that, usually sounds really good onstage so you can just relax and perform.

Is there opportunity to play your new music live?
Certainly in New York and London and hopefully putting a little US east coast and UK tour together next year. Hoping to take in continental Europe, Ireland and perhaps west coast US and LA…we’ll see what comes up!

What do you hope listeners take away from your new music?
Well, I like to leave things open for the listener to have their own experiences. It’s always nice when people hear stuff in what you do that hadn’t necessarily occurred to you. That means they’re engaging with what you’ve done and it’s taken them somewhere. I just know I’m happy with the songs and they speak for me.

What’s your working relationship like with your wife, Anna Gabriel, who has produced all of your music videos?
It’s great. We enjoy getting to do the videos. Anna has a great eye and brings her visuals to the songs. We learn as we go along. I was more of a song and records obsessive growing up and music video was never as big on my radar whereas Anna was a big MTV fan and always thought visually as an artist so I’m very lucky she has brought this to what I do and taught me to enjoy it.

Do you have any influences that your listeners might be surprised by?
Well I listen to a lot of music for pleasure and if I’m feeling caught up I’ll listen to music to change my mood so I usually turn to something at some point in the day… I suppose it’s the stuff I love that doesn’t seem to influence my music that might be a surprise. I love to listen to Alfred Brendel play piano especially Schubert or trentemøller’s electronic music. I’ve been asked to play a Lou Reed tribute next year and have been digging back into his stuff today and remembering how much his songs had an effect on me as a teenager and they still do now. You never know when something you love will influence what you do. It may be tomorrow or it may be something that influences you way ways down the line, but it will stay there with you through life because all music is connected and it’s best to just let your emotions guide you along the process and you’ll find the thing you’re looking for in the end if you keep trying.