Olivia Lunny Interview

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Congrats on “Bedsheets”! I read that it came about from just an idea for a lyric, walk us through how it was created. 

Thank you!  Bedsheets came to life very spontaneously at 1am one of the nights AJ Healey and I were in the studio . I shared an initial voice memo with AJ that sparked the concept for this song. It was “cigarette inside your hand, wish you would hold me like that”. After diving into themes and chatting about past “situationships” we stumbled on the idea of “feeling closeness with somebody while also feeling so emotionally far from them”. “Bedsheets” is about longing for connection and the tough but necessary decision to let something go.

Your single artwork is eye-catching, how involved are you in your visuals? I

stumbled across an artist on Instagram about a year ago @grimes.eye and fell in love with his work. We have been collaborating to come up with concepts and visuals for each song. It’s been really fun to match each song with its supporting visual and bounce ideas off of each other as we come from different backgrounds


You were recently featured on the “Lean On Me” charity single and video, how did that come about? Were you fans of any of the other artists featured on it? 

It was truly an honour to be featured on a project with such incredible artists representing our amazing country. My friend and fellow musician Tyler Shaw helped start the initiative and involved me. I’ve grown up listening to so many of the artists who were also featured on the track so it was a full circle moment for me! The response to the song so far has been incredible.

Most of the country was or is in quarantine, what did you do to pass the time? (Binge shows, new skills, etc.) 

I’ve been doing lots of fitness live stream workouts and meditations. I also recently discovered my love for baking and cooking! I’ve been writing lots too 🙂 As far as we are apart right now, it’s been really beautiful to come together with others remotely via zoom, livestream etc!

Did you find it easier or harder to be creative while at home? 

I find that it is very dependent on the day. Some days I wake up and write a song, other times I go a full week without picking up the guitar. It’s definitely a strange time in the world but I am blessed to be at home while those on the frontlines are so hard at work. 

How did your new single “Hold Me” come together and how is it different from previous singles

When I go to write a song I instinctually pick up an acoustic guitar. “Hold Me” however, came to life when I sat down and revisited the piano after quite some time. Often I don’t know what’s weighing on my chest until I write and hear the words that come out.  The lyrics for “Hold Me” explore the frustration that comes with actions not lining up with words. This song is about a one sided situation where someone is giving everything (their heart and all) and the other is taking without reciprocation. Each single is made distinct with its varied production. The lyrics and writing style however, are what tie them together at their core. From a ballad like “Bedsheets,” to this new single “Hold Me,” I feel the listener will experience the different “flavours” of my music by showcasing these different sides and styles of my artistry!

You’re working on an EP, how far along into the process are you? 

The EP is finished! I’m super excited to share this project as each song tells a distinct story and fits together like a puzzle piece. I’m really happy to have found my sound and it feels so good to be evolving through every song I write.  

How do you go about choosing which songs will make the cut? 

For me, the best songs evoke emotion. I’ve always gravitated to listening to music that triggers a strong feeling- therefore when choosing my own songs, I try to do the same. 

Taking it back, you began writing music at just twelve, what inspired you to do that? 

Music was always playing in my house, I took piano lessons at a very young age, my dad would always play guitar around me – I think it was a combination of my environment that sparked the music bug. 

Do you remember the first artist, album or song that made you fall in love with music? 

My dad would always play “Rumours” by Fleetwood Mac in the car on the way to school. This album made me fall in love with music. I would also harmonize to “Landslide” and that’s what inspired me to sing more. 

What else can fans expect from you this year?

New music, new visuals/videos.. stay tuned!! 🙂

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