Olivia Farabaugh Shares Video for “My Way Back Home” | SRS Premiere

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Country newcomer Olivia Farabaugh is taking the scene by storm. The release of her current single, “My Way Back Home,” showcases her talent and unfolds the next chapter of her career.

Speaking about her newest single, Olivia Farabaugh says: “I’ve had this song in my back pocket for a while now. I wrote this song during the busiest time that I have ever experienced with my music before this pandemic hit. I was able to travel in my 17-foot travel trailer with my dog and occasionally my husband, playing shows across the middle and northern United States, and using my music to advocate for mental health. I grew up in the small town of Palmyra, Pennsylvania and like most teens, nobody wants to continue to live in their hometown once they are past a certain age. We are supposed to move on, move somewhere else. Which somewhere else is really just someone else’s hometown. I found myself falling into amazing opportunities to travel and LOVING it. I realized quickly the world is a large place and whenever it started to overwhelm me, I would imagine my hometown. Where simplicity was within the 2 miles in each direction of the main street stoplight. Where I could walk into the post office and see familiar faces and have all my family and friends looking back at me while I stood on stage”.

You can watch the video exclusively below.

As a song that combines contemporary country-pop and Ed Sheeran, she shines the spotlight on her supreme powerhouse vocal ability and standout storytelling talent with a song that has the potential to go far.

In her latest work, she draws inspiration from the constant travel that she was able to do before the pandemic hit and how, whenever she felt overwhelmed by new surroundings, she would always return to her hometown.

You can learn more about Olivia Farabaugh by visiting www.oliviafarabaugh.com.