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Oh Honey’s Sincerely Yours EP Review

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You might have heard a song in this past year called “Be Okay”, a happy, summery, folk-pop song (that makes you feel like everything will be okay) by a group called Oh Honey, formed in May of 2013. The song was released in on an EP called With Love, which dropped in November of their first year as a band, and included that song as well as three others.

As of this week, the Brooklyn-based duo of Mitchy Collins (who has written songs for everyone from Australian band The Kin to former pop band Allstar Weekend) and Danielle Bouchard released their second EP as the group Oh Honey, entitled Sincerely Yours.

Released under Atlantic Records, this EP again contains only four songs. The first of the four is “Don’t You Worry, Love”, which is set to be the duo’s next single. It follows the same line of “Be Okay”, and while it isn’t quite as happy-sounding as “Be Okay” it still gives off the feeling of hope and that things will be alright if you just have faith.

Next up is “Take All The Time You Need.” It starts off very soft and sweet and features a cute lyric about honey bees, tying in their band name. This one is incredibly reminiscent of the band Of Monsters and Men, and really just makes me want to go frolic in a meadow in the middle of summer.

The third song on the EP is “Until You Let Me”, which is another song that just exudes happiness. Bouchard’s voice feels designed for this, and somehow reminds me in this song in particular of cotton candy – she just sounds so sweet and sugary, it fits perfectly with the happy pop of the song.

The last song on the EP is “Cracks In The Floor of Heaven.” This is the least happy song on the album, but it’s no less uplifting – it’s also my personal favorite of the four. “Maybe the cracks on the floor of heaven are the stars in the sky,” Collins and Bouchard sing in the chorus, and to me that’s just a really wonderful way to look at the world.

Overall, the duo sounds like a combination of American Authors and Of Monsters and Men, so if you like either (or both) of those bands I definitely suggest you give Sincerely Yours and With Love a listen. They have self-proclaimed their sound as “optimistic” and I would say that’s the best possible way to describe them. You can’t help but think that no matter what you’re going through at the time, listening to them, everything will really be okay. I look forward to hearing more from these two in the future.