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Ofenbach is BAAACK! The French duo consisting of César & Dorian recently released “Wasted Love” and it already has over fifteen million views on YouTube. The dance music megastars tracks have certified 10 times Gold and 16 times Platinum along with over one billion streams, yes with a “b”. We got to chat wit them on it all.

What’s the story behind your single, “Wasted Love”?
Since the beginning of our career, we’ve tried to explore different moods in our tracks and we wanted this one to be more melancholic. We still have this pop/vintage vibe but this one is more clubby with the deep bass and the house drums.

Can we expect more singles or maybe an album soon?
Maybe a collaboration with a good friend before summer… 😉 And we are thinking more and more about making an album!

How do you manage to stay friends while in a musical group together?

We have been friends for more than 15 years so we perfectly know each other and always find a solution when we disagree on something. We are very lucky to be able to share our childhood dreams together.

You two originally started out as a rock band. Would you ever consider a side project?
We don’t need a side project because we incorporate all the elements we love in music (pop, rock, funk) in the tracks we are making, the only electronic things are the drums, the bass and the fx (laugh).

What would be your advice to someone who wants to make it in dance music?

Stay true to yourself, work hard, and believe in your dreams.

Are you open to the idea of playing shows again?
This is the only thing we want now, we can’t wait to see the crowds again and vibe with them!

I am dying to visit Paris once things get back to normal. What are some cool rather unknown places I should hit up?
We love the neighborhood of Odeon, you can lose yourself in these romantic streets at night, where Serge Gainsbourg used to party a lot.

What did you listen to, watch and read during the pandemic?
We listen a lot of classics like Supertramp “Breakfast in America” or “Exile on Main St.” by The Rolling Stones. We watched “The Mandalorian” and we need to start reading more (laugh).