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Ayzha Nyree is proving to be one of the biggest break-out stars of 2021 with her latest single, “Noya” and her massive TikTok following. We got to chat with her on it all.

How would you best describe your sound?
I would describe my sound as almost a cross between Jhene Aiko and Lil Baby – a hybrid that infuses R&B, trap melodies, and lots of rhythm. I love hard-hitting tracks with catchy melodies and creative lyricism.

You got discovered on TikTok. What made you utilize that platform?
My brothers, Ajani Huff & Davonte House, were using Tik Tok all the time and have become really successful on the platform. They inspired me to get into it. It’s been a huge resource for me and an awesome way to connect with my fans.


##duet with @ajani.huff I didn’t even know what to say .. @republicrecords @music.com Thank u I am so grateful 🥺🙏🏽💖 ##fyp ##surprise ##billboard

♬ original sound – Ajani

Your whole family is big on TikTok so we gotta ask, what do you think makes for a good TikTok video?
They say good lighting and good camera quality are the two most important things for algorithms. And of course, eye-pleasing, creative, engaging content. It has to be entertaining!

Your latest release “Noya” already has millions of streams. Can we expect more new music soon? Maybe an EP on the horizon?
Absolutely! I’m so excited about the new music I’m making. I’ve been working really hard with my team to build my first real project. I can’t wait to share with everyone.

Are you open to getting back on the road and performing live this year?
I’m so hype to perform again. It’s my favorite way to share new music with my fans. I can’t wait to see their reactions when they hear the new songs. My live show is going to be something different and special. I love to dance and know that will be a big part of touring.

Love how open you are about being signed to Republic Records and being able to keep your masters. Why is this so important to you?
Republic is the perfect home for me and I’m so thankful. From the beginning, I’ve always loved the energy and enthusiasm there. My team and I had a real vision of what we wanted out of a label partner and they completely stepped up to the plate. I have so much faith in what we’re building together and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Someone’s birthday is this month!! What are you doing to celebrate?
I know, I can’t wait! I’m not sure exactly what I’m doing that day, but I want to be out in LA with the squad & my brothers for sure!

What did you watch, read, and listen to during the pandemic?
I’ve been really focused on my own music but I did watch these two shows called “Your Honor” and “The Boys” with my boyfriend & those were super dope. I also discovered Bryson Tiller’s newest album A N N I V E R S A R Y and it was SMACK (means good af)!