New Music Friday 5/29

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The month of May is coming to an end but it feels like we will be dancing all those days long because of how much new music we got this week. Lady Gaga released a masterpiece of an album. Latin legend Ricky Martin and rock legend Sting teamed up. Plus, we got new songs from Emma Jaye and Zella Day. Now if you need us, we’ll just be dancing in our kitchen while making banana nut bread.

Lady Gaga, BLACKPINK – “Sour Candy”

Ricky Martin & Sting – “Simple”

GRANT – “Words”

Dolly Parton – “When Life Is Good Again”

Drama Relax – “Ghost”

Sarah Silva – “Somebody Like Me”

Cub Sport – “I Feel Like I Am Changin'”

Brandon Stansell – feat. Cam “Hurt People”

Emily Hackett – “Handle”

Kygo and Kim Petras – “Broken Glass”

Twin XL – “Melt”

Faded Paper Figures – “Bones”

Griff- “Forgive Myself”

Temecula Road – “Fades”

Kyd The Band – “Season 2: Character Development”

Larkin Poe – “Back Down South”

4th & Orange – “Story Of My Life”

Surf Mesa, Topic – I’ll (I Love You Baby) featuring Emilee

Wanyi – “All In”

Christian Leave – “No Use”

almost monday – “come on come on”

Roman Rogue – “The Other Me”

Tayla Parx – “Dance Alone”

more – “Settled In”

Giveon – “Favorite Mistake”

Ted When – “Eyes Closed”

JAWNY – “Anything You Want”

Skooly – “GOAT”

Delacey – “Unlovable”

Glassio – “Make No Mistake”

Ali Gate – “Running On My Mind”

Corey Harper – “Fade to Black”

Emma Jaye – “Overtime”

Zella Day – “My Game”

Cam – “Redwood Tree”

Cat Cylde – “All the Black”

VALE – “Be Somebody”