New Blink 182!

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The time has come for new Blink 182! For a couple years now they have been teasing us with lines saying, “New music is coming! We’re working on new Blink!” Then yesterday on KROQ it finally happened.

Blink 182 premiered their new song Bored To Death and it is anything but boring! It is everything you already love about Blink and more, you could almost say it’s a mature Blink 182 (if that is even possible).

This new dynamic, with Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio, seems to be working well for the band! In an interview this morning with The Kevin and Bean Show on KROQ, Travis and Mark mentioned how when looking for the right person to be part of the next chapter of Blink Matt was THE only choice!

The new album is called California and will be released on what Mark claims to be the 182nd day of the year, July 1st.

To top everything off they have announced a tour that has everybody amped! It will be A Day To Remember with All Time Low and All American Rejects on rotating dates! The tour will start July 22 in San Diego, Ca. And run through October 1, ending in Los Angeles, Ca. at The Forum.

Tickets on sale May 6.