PREMIERE: MIREI ‘Take Me Away’ DJ Sliink Remix

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Today, Stage Right Secrets has exclusively premiered MIREI’s “Take Me Away” DJ Sliink Remix along with an accompanying music video.

The Japanese native seamlessly blends electronic, pop, and R&B genres while creating her own personal brand of music. “Take Me Away,” marks MIREI’s English-language debut. The visual shows off her impressive dancing skills while not taking away from the song’s message or the song itself. This new remix, is sure to make you want to get up and dance! Whereas the original showed off her pop prowess, the remix showcases her impressive vocals and electronic hitmaking capabilities, she can truly do no wrong in whatever genre she chooses.

The new release is off her upcoming 2020 EP, Take Me Away. MIREI collaborated with Zak Leever and DJ Shiftee for the project. MIREI’s single is a taste of her EP which will speak about mental health, big city life, life struggles, and the objectification of women; issues that can be taboo in Japan.

“I wrote “Take Me Away” with Zak Leever during one of our very first writing session in Brooklyn,” the 21-year-old shared. “The song, overall, is about anxiety so I wanted to film the video in Japan to show a different, dark side of the city and the people chasing their dreams in it. Sharing my experience with Zak was a huge relief since I grew up believing we should always keep these things to ourselves. This song represents exactly what I want to say and feel through the music, and that’s why I chose this song and video to introduce myself internationally. I used to hide my weaknesses but these days I’m realizing I don’t have to and we all have our own issues with anxiety and depression that we have to face.”

DJ Sliink was thrilled to get to work with her and dive into the jersey club style. “It was a great opportunity to work with Mirei on this one, she has a beautiful voice and plus she’s Japanese, I have a big fan base in Japan that loves the jersey club style,” he said. “For me to remix a Japanese artist’s sound into jersey club made a lot of sense! I see big things for her in the future!”

Check out our exclusive Q&A with MIREI, below!

– Why did you want to release a remix for your “Take Me Away” single?

I like the original beat for sure, there’s a dopeness in the simple sounds. However, I also thought it would be awesome to make a version of this song where I could show off my dancing skills. When I was covering “OMG” by DJ Sliink, I came up with the idea of remixing this song in the Jersey Club style. Luckily, my dream came true and the song and the dance music video is coming out for everyone to see!

– How did you and DJ Sliink connect on this project? What are your thoughts about his version of the track?

I found the genre “Jersey Club” on YouTube when I was living in NYC, about 7 years ago. So when I found out DJ Sliink was managed by my friend, I was very surprised. Because of that connection, I danced to two of his tracks at my concerts. It was so exciting to finally offer the remix of my track to him. I like this version because it has so many different vibes – like the quiet intro, awesome jersey beat, and then a sick drop. I feel like the emotions in the song are amplified by the jersey beats, but my vocal and piano are still alive in the remix too. Also, I will have one more original song produced by and co-written with DJ Sliink on the upcoming EP, so please check that one as well when it’s ready!

– Anything you’d like to add about the visual?

In the artwork and in video, I’m wearing a neon yellow outfit. It looks like The Bride from the movie Kill Bill and I’m just in love it. In the video I’m dancing with Misaki, who choreographed this with my ex-roommate. We were trying to represent light and shadow.

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