Lyssa Coulter Creates Emotional Visual for “I Don’t Wanna Know | SRS Premiere

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Country songstress Lyssa Coulter isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

With debuting in 2021 with a fresh start, Coulter showcased her abilities and presented new music that’s vulnerable and shows a side that may not be seen every day.

Recently, Lyssa released her highly anticipated single “I Don’t Wanna Know,” written by Molly Mae Kurpis. The single revolves around someone being stuck watching the person they love starting a life with someone else and not wanting to see or know the details because of the hurt and heartbreak it brings.

You can watch the exclusive premiere of the official video below.

In my past, I’ve shoved those emotions down and they resulted in built-up anger and disrespect towards myself and towards people in my life that I love. What I’ve learned is that vulnerability isn’t bad and it shouldn’t be feared as much as it is. It’s beautiful and it’s what makes us human.” explains Lyssa.

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