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Little Mix Wants You To Get Weird with Their New Album

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Little Mix is an incredibly popular girl group from the UK, coming from Simon Cowell’s wildly successful show called The X-Factor these ladies have been rising to ultimate pop stardom and they may actually get there after releasing their newest album Get Weird.

After teasing us for months with different singles and music videos Little Mix release Get Weird Friday, November 6th, (Just in time for the weekend mind you) The standard album has 12 tracks including their hits ‘Black Magic” and “Love Me Like You”. However I highly suggest coughing up the extra dough for the deluxe version of the album, which gives you 4 brand new tracks that are absolutely worth it!

While the album does run a little ragged with flow from song to song. The end effect is a collection of songs that will either keep you bumpin in your car or snapping along belting out the lyrics to every ballad in the shower. Little Mix is definitely growing up and coming into their voices with every album they put out.

Some songs you should definitely take note of are “Hair”, “Black Magic”, “OMG” and “Lightning”.

“Hair” is an upbeat song with tons of bass and deep beats. The fast paced tempo of the song instantly makes your ears perk up and take notice. Not to mention who doesn’t love a song about how much boys suck and moving on to something better?

“Black Magic” has been an ultimate fave of mine ever since it was released. As most people know I’m an absolute sucker for anything that sounds like it could rule Top 40 radio and this song definitely has it. Catchy lyrics along with unbeatable vocal arrangements, “Black Magic” will be stuck in your head all day.

“Lightning” is one song that really stuck out to me on this album. It starts out very slow and feels like it’s going to be another heartfelt album sung by these awesome ladies. Yet when the chorus hits the tempo slowly builds and then out of nowhere an unexpected drop occurs and we get almost an EDM/Trap vibe to the song. It’s an incredible surprise and this song is quickly on the rise to my top 3 on the album.

Get Weird is available at most major online retailers and available for streaming on Spotify. If you’re a subscriber you’re in luck because I have the ENTIRE deluxe album posted below.