LISTEN: Guantanamo Bae’s “Heartbeat- Sync To Mine”

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Commanding, dynamic, hard-hitting with crystalline vocals from the featured artist “Flakey” engulfs the ear and caresses the soul causing you to forget where you are and literally lose it to the music. It’s precisely what we need right now, to be wholly immersed in it and not to be reminded that all the clubs are closed, and we’re bored and locked inside. We need something we can enjoy and vibe to. For Guantanamo Bae or G-Bae, his whole reason for getting into electronic music was from being in a state of deep depression after getting out of the military. “It got more apparent as I entered my post-service years. I went to my first music festival and really heard dance music for the first time in a trance tent. I absolutely lost it to the music, and it started my mental health journey.”

“I got into music to give you the feelz, when this drops you get the feelz, hard.”