‘Law & Order’ Star Sam Waterston Reveals Dick Wolf Pitched The Rival To Him Five Years Ago

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Sam Waterston revealed that creator Dick Wolf pitched him the Law & Order revival five years ago.

Although Season 21 of the flagship series is airing tonight (February 24), the reunion was pitched to Waterston years ago by the producer himself.

“Well I was never going to put it past Dick Wolf to do this,” he began. “He reminded me today that he called me up five years ago and said we were going to. But I’ve always known that he was never going to give up on this. What an extraordinary accomplishment. This is on the part of Dick Wolf and all of his team as he would be the first one to say yes as fast as he could. It’s just an extraordinary achievement. He’s made a virtual universe.”

Waterston explained that it is not every day that networks talk to one another to do a crossover with their characters and beloved shows.

“It is the most astonishing experience the set is growing around us as we work. It’s like show business decided to give us a present, how would you like to revisit what you were doing 10 years ago and come at it with this brand new opportunity? And all of the credibility that Law & Order has built up over the years. To talk about Law and Order and justice in a time now when it’s really the top of mind for all of us. But this is with a basis of trust with its audience that you know you just can’t duplicate.”

He added, “It’s like coming back to a great classic. It’s terrific.”

Sam Waterston Returning A Decade Later

Sam Waterston also spoke about revisiting a character over a decade later.

“There is bound to be some kind of an evolution because I’m not the same actor or the same person that I was 10 years ago. So that’s going to be reflected but the show is going to tell its stories the way the show has always told its stories. It is the story that’s the hero here.”

Waterston said that it is a feat to continue to work with the same actors over the span of decades. Dick Wolf has created the Law & Order, FBI, and One Chicago franchises. A lot of the actors have joined other series of his over the years.

“Epatha for example who was on Law & Order for years and years and years can go and be in another part of the Dick Wolf world,” he added. Merkerson is currently starring in Chicago Med currently as Sharon Goodwin.

He believes that people enjoy the work environment and storytelling, so they return to the universe.

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