Kylie Trout Shares Song About Failed Millennial Relationships with “Extra” (Premiere)

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Country-pop newcomer Kylie Trout showcases her lyrical way of storytelling with her newest single, Extra.

The song begins with a slower tempo, however, as we lead into the chorus Trout showcases her abilities. The song is about sailing ships on failed relationship and what dating within the millennial generation looks like exactly.

I love the vibe of this song, It’s kind of different for me, but at the same time, I feel like it goes with my previous songs,” explains Trout. “I feel like it’s a good mix.

The song was written by Trout herself after many rewrites with help of fellow songwriters Jason Hamer and Mark Addison Chandler.

You can listen to the track exclusively via Stage Right Secrets below.


Her two previous releases, “You & I” and “Can’t Remember Growing Up,” have already accumulated over 100k+ streams each on Spotify. Like many of her fellow graduating seniors, Trout has a bright future on the horizon. But perhaps unlike many of her peers, she is carving a path to stardom.

To learn more about Trout, follow her journey via her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, or visit https://www.kylietrout.com/