EXCLUSIVE: Kolidescopes Interview

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Stage Right Secrets caught up with Kolidescopes for an interview to discuss their latest single, life in quarantine, and more. Read our exclusive Q&A, below.
Congrats on “Torn,” walk us through the creative process behind the track and video.
Me and Johnny sat down after getting a few video briefs in and realised none really captured what we wanted to be. So we pitched the idea to Elliot Simpson of a really British movie vibe. Snatch and LockStock were how we wanted it to be shot. Then the idea of being Torn between two different lifes. Elliot ran with the idea then the video was expanded on 🙂
Do visuals play a role in your music?
Yes massively, when we are writing the songs we always talk about how the video would look. The song was finished in Australia so when it was done we were staying at the top of a gully, put our headphones on, then walked 5k down the hill vibing and chatting about how the song felt.
How did the opportunity to sign with Atlantic come about?
We have been working with Kieron Donoghue at Humble Angle Records for a while, he’s a top guy and a great label guy. We worked on the Foundations song with Jasmine Thompson & Ryan Keen. Mike Caren heard that record and hit him up, we sent over Torn and the guys at Atlantic really dug it so then we got something on paper & the rest is history.
Coming from different musical backgrounds, what did you each listen to growing up?
Our mums and Dads loved soul & rock n roll – then during the end of the 90’s start of 2000, dance music was forever being played in our mums cars – still till this day there banging out the tunes.
Have your tastes in music evolved over the years?
Yeah, we will always like what we like but as dance music constantly involves it’s sometimes hard to keep up. Started listening to Classical music when traveling to make all those trips seem staring out the window
Since most of the country is or was in quarantine, what did you do to pass the time? (New skills, cooking, binging shows, etc.)
We worked throughout lockdown as we live 10 minutes from each other. We actually wrote 3 of our new singles in lockdown & had a number 1 record in the UK with a song we wrote & produced for Joel Corry called “Head & Heart”. So it’s been super productive. We tried the veggie life for 2 weeks which was great and cooked up many storms haha.
Did you find it easier or harder to be creative while stuck at home?
After a while yes, we felt super inspired after signing a record deal so the juices were flowing then we hit a wall, started writing songs for others which was fun to do too. So nice to get out the house and soak up the vibes tho. Helps a lot.
What do you think the future of music will look like?
I mean, streaming is keeping everything afloat hopefully touring will be back soon. The new normal is hard to get your head around when it comes to touring, with all the restrictions and social distancing implications. Hopefully there’s a vaccine found soon so they can allow people to go to gigs if they have the vaccine I suppose. Getting a vaccine isn’t gonna be everyone’s cup of tea though.
What can fans expect from you this year?
Big songs, fun songs, happy songs, chill songs. A whole load of songs. We have been working our ass off!

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