SRS PREMIERE | John Noble Barrack Shares Vulnerable New Single “Replace Me”

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John Noble Barrack follows up his debut single with a vulnerable new song, “Replace Me.”

Ever the martyr, Barrack expresses his deep hope for his ex to “replace” him not “erase” him. Oftentimes after a break up we avoid places and things that remind us of our recent attempt at love. The artist doesn’t want this for his ex. He wants her to find someone new and make new memories at all of their frequented places. He doesn’t want her to be haunted by their past.

The maturity Barrack has in order to realize this and then be able to articulate the situation in such a poetic manner, is one of the many reasons John Noble Barrack is rising in popularity. He has a particular talent for putting indescribable emotions into words. Set to a sweet 6/8 swing, he takes emotions that most would find overwhelming and makes them feel like the most natural things in the world. This is what makes him an artist to watch.

From the words of John Noble Barrack himself, “Replace Me” is his wish to an ex that they both acknowledge the breakup. He wants his ex to understand that there is always something to learn from each relationship. He balances his heartbreak without becoming jaded. Despite the struggle, he remains optimistic. This uncanny ability keeps him with a childlike view of love, never letting the past interfere with the present or future possibilities.

You can listen to the song exclusively here.

Keeping right in tune, Barrack spends his free time biking and running for cancer research and other charities alike. Charities John Noble Barrack has been involved in include the Pan-Mass Challenge, where he raised over $10,000 in 2020 and biked 190 miles for cancer research. He has also run in races such as the Boston Olympic Triathlon, Oceanside Half Ironman, NYC Central Park, and Far Rockaway triathlon and has raised money for nonprofits such as National Disability Theater and The Actors Fund. Barrack has most recently become heavily involved in The Theater Offensive, whose mission is to present liberating art by, for, and about queer and trans people of color that transcends artistic boundaries, celebrates cultural abundance, and dismantles oppression.

Barrack’s subtle production choices keep his lyrics and vocals at the forefront of this track. Soften Drums and moody electric guitar set a beautiful tone behind this deep heartfelt tune.

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