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Stage Right Secrets caught up with Jillian Edwards to chat all about her latest album, Meadow. Jillian also shared what she’s been up to while in quarantine. Take a look at our exclusive Q&A, below.
Congrats on Meadow! What did you do to celebrate?
Thank you! My husband surprised me with a dream picnic in an actual meadow with my closest friends there to celebrate. It was incredible! 
How was releasing an album during quarantine different for you?
I had so much excitement and joy wrapped up in this release -other than not being able to play shows, I hardly felt any negative impact from quarantine relating to the release. If anything, I think people are more hungry for music during this crazy time in the world…
Half of your songs you wrote solo and the other half you wrote with co-writers, what makes a good collaborator?
A good collaboration for me is when I partner with someone who has strengths I don’t have, and who is willing to step into my story.
What was the hardest track to write on this EP?
That’s tough! One of my favorite things about this record is how naturally the songs came…but I will say But I Know You took some chasing down! My cowriters were incredible and determined to chase with me until it was right. 
Do you have a lyric or line you’re most proud of off of the record?
The lyrics of Whisper Hymn were written long before the recording process began, and before most of the songs were written. I feel like it wraps the whole record up: “In a world dressed in sorrow, show me the delight of being human. Between dark and deathly shadows, whisper the way of life to me.”
What went into creating the track order/tracklisting?
There are a few songs that I automatically knew their place ( Mighty God always felt like an ending to me, Whisper Hymn and Meadow always felt like introduction songs to me ) so all we had left was to fill in the remaining gaps. My management team, my husband, and I played around with a few different sequences of the remaining songs until it felt most natural. 
I love that you have your own candle to go with the album, how did that come about? 
Thank you! Full credit to my management team. We knew we wanted to do something unique and customized for the record, and I loved this idea as soon as I heard it. It makes me so happy! 
For those who haven’t heard your music before, what song should they listen to first?
Meadow. I always say that song feels the most “me” on this record. It’s simple and it’s where I feel most at home lyrically, melodically, and musically. 
What music have you been listening to while in quarantine?
Kingdom of God by Jon Guerra is a new find that I love. Always Colony House…and I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts! 

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