PREMIERE: Jacob Whitesides Debuts ‘God Took A Bow’

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Stage Right Secrets is premiering Jacob Whitesides’ new single “God Took A Bow.” Jacob was inspired by his girlfriend and wrote about the moment they first met.

Listen to the track below:

“God Took a Bow was inspired by a very nostalgic night of just driving around with someone I really loved,”  Jacob explained. “One of my favorite things to do is nothing, and that’s all we did. I think when you do things as simple as driving around in the middle of the night listening to music with nowhere to go, it creates a distraction free environment to just be with someone, and appreciate them in new ways. I’m not really religious, but id like to think whatever created this person spent a little extra time, and they were very proud of the outcome.”

The new single shows just how much Jacob has advanced in his songwriting and grown as an artist. The track was written and produced in 2019 with Richard Craker (DNCE, Mark Diamond, Dagny), and David Spencer (Hunter Hayes, Carly Simon, Unspoken). If this is any sign of what type of new music is to come for Jacob, we’re in for a treat.

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