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For some, blogging is just a hobby. But for others, it’s an escape and a great way to express their own creativity. That is certainly the case for Sweet Ladi Jane the new lifestyle blog by Rebecca Sweet, wife of Philip Sweet from Little Big Town.

Rebecca says she wanted to start up a lifestyle blog because not only did she want to be able to express her creativity in her own way, but she wants to be able to inspire women and girls, much like her 8-year-old Penelopi. “My most important job is to be a mom, and a good example of a woman for my daughter Penelopi. Rebecca continues by saying, “Being a career oriented woman, is an important attribute that I want Penelopi to see in me, and hopefully it will inspire her to fulfill her own dreams.” .

So, why the name Sweet Ladi Jane? Rebecca says the concept behind the name has a really important meaning to her, “It’s a generational family name, that ties the female line together. My daughter is Penelopi Jane, I am Rebecca Jane, my cousin is Mackenzie Jane, and my grandmother was Betty Jane. The line goes even further than my grandmother!”

Rebecca utilizes her lifestyle blog to not only share her finds and hidden gems when she’s traveling the world with her family, but also about fashion, food, and the one thing that lies in her roots, her hometown of Nashville, TN.

The easiest things to blog about are the things that I am excited or passionate about,” Rebecca says. “I love telling a story about how I might have found a piece of fashion or a new city or the experience of a Nashville eatery. I am inspired by the fact my readers might discover something new!

Rebecca says the main component that makes her blog different than any other lifestyle blog is the fact that everything she writes about is something that she has experienced.

“My unique perspective on my experiences. I love being able to share the way I view the world with my readers. Everything I share is a part of me, and there is only one Rebecca Sweet :)”

Blogging wasn’t always something Rebecca saw in the cards for herself. Her struggles with dyslexia have always made reading and writing difficult for her. But, she doesn’t let that stop her from conjuring up interesting blog posts that keep fans and readers wanting more.


Despite her battles with writing, Rebecca says the readers of her blog have been so supportive, and have even given her a little boost of confidence! ” There was one comment about how my writing has been helping a teacher with her students that have dyslexia. That was an amazing feeling,” Rebecca said.

Now that Sweet Ladi Jane is live and ready for everyone to ready, there is no stopping Rebecca from expanding the brand, and making it reach it’s highest potential. “My ultimate goal of Sweet Ladi Jane, is to turn it into a global blog-business, expanding to apparel, to cocktail mixers, to gift boxes, etc.” Rebecca says, “It’s my foot print on the world, I want Sweet Ladi Jane to continue to grow and offer opportunities for many years after me.

Click here to check out her blog, and follow along with the beautiful adventures that is, Sweet Ladi Jane.


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