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Interview with Cody DeLong, CEO of SoundRink

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We got the chance to interview Cody DeLong, the CEO of SoundRink. This company allows you to have experiences with your favorite artists that are unlike any other. From pizza parties to first toasts, this company is sure to pave the way in how “meet & greets” should be done.

Stage Right Secrets: How did this company come about?

Cody DeLong: Sound Rink came out of our own need for a VIP ticketing company. My partners Scott Lee and Jason Mageau are both managers of bands and they were unhappy with all of the companies that were doing the same thing.  I was an agent at the time and noticed the same issues. I’ve always been an entrepreneur so I just naturally knew I wanted to start something.


SRS: What makes you different from other VIP experiences?

CD: We try to be more creative then other companies, provide more tools for artists, and offer better customer service to the buyers.  We really try to offer the best service possible on both ends of our business.  It has helped us standout amongst all the other companies.  I feel like if we do a great job in servicing our artists and the fans then our service will speak for itself.  We are constantly creating new tools for our artists backend to view sales and analytics.  On the fan side of things we are trying to make our site really easy to use as well as making it accessible on all p[platforms.


SRS: What artists and events have you worked with in the past?

CD: We have worked with many including Of Mice and Men, Anthrax, Danity Kane, Halsey, Memphis May Fire, The Ready Set, and Metro Station to name a few.


SRS: Do you have a favorite memory during a Soundrink event/concert?

CD: One of my favorite moments has to be seeing our tents up at Rockstar Mayhem Festival this year.  That has been a pivotal moment in our companies history, as it shows to me that hard work pays off.  Id on’t think any of us could have imagined being a part of the tour four years ago when we started the company.  It has been an amazing ride.


SRS:Who are your favorite bands?

CD: My two favorite bands of all time are As Cities Burn and Brand New. I am also very fond of the following artists, Thy Art is Murder and The Weeknd.