Cassadee Pope ‘I Am Invincible’ Review

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As we saw on her season of The Voice, Cassadee Pope has the ability to not only stun you with her strong vocals, but she is able to make you feel and believe every word she sings, right down to your core. After months of anticipation, Cassadee released her new single, ‘I Am Invincible’, and it is everything one could expect from Cassadee, and so much more.

The song begins with Cassadee’s spoken words,”For my girls; the fighters, the warriors”, which automatically gives you the sense of empowerment. When the verse starts, so does the beat, which gives the beginning of song a little bit of build up. Heading into the chorus, the build up is perfect behind her words “I will fight/I will survive”.

Once the chorus starts and the full band kicks in, the sense of hope mixed with the confidence Pope gives with every lyric she sings will have empowerment surging through your body. As the song continues, the lyrics “Cracks run through these walls/But they still stand strong” seem to resonate the most, giving listeners the idea of using their anger and damage as strength to get through whatever comes their way. The lyrics ‘I am invincible, I am unbreakable’ will haunt you throughout the rest of the song, reminding you of how strong and capable you are.

Towards the end of the song, Pope really pushes the limits vocally, letting out runs that will surge through your ear drums and go straight to your soul. It’s one thing when an artist sings a song that means something to you, but it’s another thing when an artist can start the song as strong as Cassadee does, and then by the end of it, makes you believe that you are actually invincible. Well done, Cassadee! We can’t wait for more!

You can pick up the song on iTunes or Google Play, Today!