Hunter Hayes “21” EP Review

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Hunter Hayes is at it again, with the release of his new EP, called “21”. With the combination of Hunter’s incredibly real lyrics, his eclectic musicality, and the easy to follow beats, you’ll have the oh- so catchy songs memorized in no time. In true Hunter style, he has only released the EP to digital streaming sights like Spotify before releasing the singles and EP to iTunes and country radio. It’s all part of his new vision for a digital campaign.

Hunter’s current single, “21,” will have you singing the chorus the second you hear it. It has his upbeat country/crossover thanng that hunter does best. The lyrics will make you want to do something crazy, go big or go back home.

“Where It All Begins” features Lady A so you can automatically assume that it’s brilliantly written, sung, and all around inspiring. “Starting over is a beautiful thing,” is the general theme and can be anyone’s and everyone’s anthem no matter what obstacles in life you are facing.

Up next, “Young And In Love” has constant drumbeat that is throughout the entire song will give the listener life. This song shows of Hunter’s vocal range, making you imagine just how the song will sound live. Insert endless heart emojis here.

“Someday Girl” and “Saint Or A Sinner” both have more of a laid-back rock vibe, adding to the diversity of this EP.

Finally, “The Trouble With Love” brings back a touch of his bluegrass roots. Reminding us all why we love Hunter’s honesty when it comes to his songwriting.

This six song EP release is just giving us a taste of what we can expect from Hunter’s next album release. As usual we cannot wait to see what is released next. For now we can all just put “21” on repeat and hope to catch Mr. Hayes in a city near us.

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