Hayride Casualties Playlist Takeover

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Our next playlist takeover comes from folk band Hayride Casualties! They put together this playlist based on songs that inspired their upcoming album, due to drop this Friday!

Dan DeWald commented on their song choices saying, “This is an exciting playlist for me because each song is so crucial to the textures and vibes you hear in the album. Fossil Fuel Kid didn’t have a dedicated producer, so while developing each song I found myself seeking out reference points out of fear that I would become completely unmoored by choices: how should this sound? What should be the energy in that vocal delivery? Etc., etc. You have to make so many decisions when making music; it can be overwhelming. So this playlist is the exhaustive list of references that I depended on to navigate self-producing. If each of these songs were a body part, you could assemble them and form Fossil Fuel Kid‘s flesh-and-blood producer.”

Check out the playlist below to prepare for their new album in a couple of days!