The Dream Eaters’ Playlist Takeover

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The Dream Eaters have joined us this week for an exclusive playlist takeover!

The first eight songs are Elizabeth’s which she explained her choices saying, “My picks range from stripped down “Baby Be Simple” off Feist’s new album to layered wet vocals “Roll a Stone” by Genders all the way to the upbeat and addictive single “The Drugs” from Mother Mother’s newest album. My picks are mostly fairly recent — they’re the songs that I haven’t been able to get out of my head over the last few months, and get me excited about making music right now!”

The second eight are Jake’s and he commented on his picks saying, “These are some songs I’ve been digging as we welcome in the warmer weather here in New York. I always associate music with seasons – there are summer bands and winter bands, and some bands that do a little bit of both. The delineation is arbitrary; it often has only to do with the time of year songs are first released and therefore the season when I first hear them. The Knife’s Silent Shout is a winter album, Beach House’s Depression Cherry is a summer album, for example. This playlist is my summer music for 2017.”

Check out their playlist takeover below!