Happy Birthday Nathan Sykes! 10 Reasons To Love This Up-And-Coming Solo Artist!

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It’s the big “2-3” for Nathan Sykes today and we couldn’t think of a better way to brighten up a Monday! Since we can’t all be lucky enough to see him on Little Mix’s Get Weird Tour, here are 10 reasons why you should be LOVING this up-and-coming solo artist!

1. He’s insanely talented! Of course you probably already knew this but who can get tired of that voice?

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2. He’s an animal lover. Nathan + Minnie really does equal true love.

3. His style is always on point. If you love polka dots and cuffed trousers, Nathan is the man for you!

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4. He loves his fans! Whether you’re still hardcore “TWFanmily” or you’ve just jumped on the Nathan train, you are most definitely appreciated.

5. He’s a great dancer….? I’ll let you be the judge.

When you hit the club like …

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6. He’s a great friend. Former bandmates doesn’t have to mean former friends! You can’t deny The Wanted guys still have a place in your heart!

7. He’s the kind of artist we need. Nathan’s musical style is so emotionally raw it is impossible not to adore him.

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8. He’s very passionate about Manchester United. If anything can get you to love sports, it’s Nathan.

9. He’s been at it since the beginning. Well, maybe not the very beginning but it’s no secret that Nathan has always had a presence that was meant for the stage!

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10. He has a brand new single featuring G-Eazy called “Give It Up!” Listen to it now and head over to Twitter to wish Nathan a happy birthday!


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