Happy 23rd Birthday Selena Gomez!

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It’s a little late in the day, but it’s never too late to celebrate when it comes to birthdays, and today is that day for a favorite of ours, Miss Selena Gomez! She turns 23 this year, and what better way to celebrate than to relive the past and get excited for the future. We’ve included a few of our favorite music videos/songs from the former Disney girl over the years, including her first video with Disney, Tell Me Something I Don’t Know, and her latest release, Good For You, from her upcoming album Revival (which is set to drop October 9th, according to her Instagram! Excitement!). She has definitely grown up! Hope you all enjoy!

Alright so it’s true, this isn’t even Selena’s song or video, but she does make a pretty fantastic cameo. Plus Jonas, so that’s always a win.

Throwing it all the way back to 2009, and Gomez starring in Another Cinderella Story with this one, hence the outfit/theme! It’s actually kind of fantastic because of how overly ridiculous it is!
Because what was not to love about this video! Supporting the Disney Channel movie, Princess Protection Program these two BFFs (at the time at least) teamed up for no only the movie but a song and music video. Not going to lie, I still love this. (Also, does anyone else miss Selena and Demi being BFFs? Because I do.)

This one comes after Selena partnered up with her band “The Scene”.

They upped the ante (and budget) for Gomez after he first album did fairly well, which resulted in this video! Also, The Scene became a bigger part of the group, not just the backup band.

I don’t need to say anything about this. But I will say that it’s amazing and I adore her, and this song is important.

Ok, so this one is a personal bias, I’ll admit it. But how could I not include the song that inspired me to go skydiving? Plus the video is hella pretty and fun so yes.

After two albums with The Scene, Gomez decided to step out on her own with a more pop feel, the first song of which was Come and Get It.

Doesn’t this just make you want to dance?

Gomez took a hiatus from music for a while to focus on her acting career, but she came back strong with this one. I adore it, but it also makes my heart hurt that she went through something this painful for so long (and that so many of us girls do.)

Another one that isn’t technically her video, but she’s the star of it so it’s totally fine. (Also, according to Taylor’s Twitter post today, the two have known each other for 7 years now. These two are friendship goals.)

Her latest release, it’s impossible not to notice how much she has grown up and matured over the years. I don’t know about you but I’m proud of this girl and look forward to seeing what else she can do!