Foxtrax Talks Their LA Move, EP, and What’s Next!

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We got the chance to chat with up and coming band Foxtrax. Check out the interview below!


For people who may not know you, how would you describe your sound?

– Our debut EP “The Cabin” is definitely an alternative rock record. That being said, we try to keep our sound organic and ever evolving. We’re influenced by everything from classic rock and modern alternative to soul, blues, and jazz. We want to be able to combine all of these things into a sound thats truly Foxtrax,

You released your EP “The Cabin” in August, how did you narrow it down to the five songs you wanted on it?

– Choosing the songs that would become “The Cabin” happened very naturally. We wanted to pick the songs that best reflected where we were as people at that moment. In many ways “The Cabin” tells the story of us leaving home to find our true paths as artists. We chose the songs that best reflected our journey.

What did you guys do to celebrate your bands one-year anniversary?

– For our one year anniversary we were fortunate enough to headline Silverlake Lounge in Los Angeles for the first time. Silverlake has always held a romantic place in our hearts and playing in front of a packed house full of diehard music fans was a humbling and extraordinary experience we won’t soon forget.

You guys recently moved to LA and have already secured a residency at Harvelle’s in Santa Monica. What do you most look forward too when you are performing there?

– Having a residency at Harvelle’s has been fantastic. Getting to know the Harvelle’s staff has been a treat! Wether its Chelsea who booked us, Seven the Owner or Karl the door guy, the folks at Harvelle’s are great and we look forward to working with them every single Monday! Aside from that, the experience of being able to play for three hours at a time has helped us grow as a band immensely. No two shows are alike! The atmosphere of improvisation has really pushed us forward musically.

What were some of your musical influences growing up and how have they molded your band?

– We grew up on the classics and incase you haven’t heard, The Beatles are on Spotify! All the music we listened to as kids finds its way into the songs we write. In our failure to emulate our heroes we become ourselves.

Can we expect a full length from the band soon?

– Yes! We came to LA to write and record our full length album. Right now were drawing in the vibes of the city and couldn’t be more inspired. This whole process has been pretty extraordinary and we can’t wait to share our journey with you!

What’s next for you?

– It’s always fun (and very helpful) to set some goals. In the coming year we hope to write and record our debut full length, grow a fan base on both coasts and start making noise on the festival circuit. We want to keep growing, keep stretching, and keep making music were proud of!

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