Farmborough Country Music Festival Review AKA: Why It Was Awesome & You Should Have Gone

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This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the first ever Farmborough Country Music Festival  on Randall’s Island in New York City. I just want to start off saying that I’m literally anything but Country. I’ve lived in the city or the suburbs my entire life, I work at one of the preppiest stores I know and I can’t ride a horse to save my life. Yet for some reason Country music speaks to my Southern family roots. So needless to say even though the weather wasn’t the best this past weekend, we sure had one heck of a time getting down with Country fans from all over the country.

When I was walking up to Farmborough the first day I had no idea what to expect. I’ve been to music festivals and country concerts before, but this was a brand new concept in a city that is least known for being quote end quote country and I have to say IT WAS A FREAKING HOME RUN. This was literally the most fun I’ve had at a concert, music festival, event with tons of booze and people from all over event EVER. I kid you not, if you weren’t at Farmbrough this year you literally missed out on something really special.

I’m going to list out the reasons below because for one I’m still tired (mind you the festival ended Sunday, it’s Wednesday) and two because writing long paragraphs sometimes annoys me and I’m feeling particularly lazy today.


-Tickets were less than $300 for 3 Days of some of the best Country music artist you’ve ever seen & never heard of
-Luke Bryan
-Randy Houser
-the Giant Inflatable Slide
-Dustin Lynch
-Brad Paisley
-Did I say Luke Bryan?
-No I’m serious there was so much food, THEY EVEN HAD SUSHI
-and like 5 different kinds of Mac & Cheese
-2 Stages
-Discovering New Artist
-Cassadee Pope
-Acoustic Guitars
-Dwight Yoakam
-Dierks Bentley
-Kip Moore
-Kip Moore’s ripped shirt
-Being reminded why you love Country music
-Gaining a new love for Country music.
-Getting to wear anything America themed
-That one guy who waved the American Flag for 3 Days straight! (He had impressive muscles, so I didn’t hate it)
-Random chanting USA! USA!
-Luke Bryan stopping his show to sing the National Anthem
-Singing along with Luke Bryan to the National Anthem
-The National Anthem
-Learning How to Line Dance (or attempt to)
-No seriously so much Bud, Bud Light, Lime-A-Ritas
– Cowboy Hats
– Gaining a huge desire to be a Cowboy or girl
-Daisy Dukes
-Denim, I don’t think I’ve seen so much Denim in my life…like ever
-Luke Bryan because I don’t think I’ve mentioned him yet
-the hashtags #NYCGoesCountry #Farmborough
-The artsy signs that you HAD to take a picture in front of
-The sunshine
-Also the rain
-But mostly the sunshine
-Screaming the lyrics to “Crushin’ It” along with a few thousand of your closest friends in the pouring rain at 10:00 on a Saturday night
-Fireworks, cause they make everything better
-Country artist do covers of awesome pop songs they like for example Sugar by Maroon 5
-Country artist take your phone and then snap selfies, WHILE THEY ARE PERFORMING
-Charlie Worsham doing the exact act we just mentioned above
-Mickey Guyton
-Cute Guys in tight t-shirts and tight jeans
-Wondering where you can buy those jeans
-Also wondering why your butt doesn’t look as cute
-Googling how to get a nice butt after watching tons of attractive men parade theirs in front of you
-Everything being reasonably priced (*cough* EXCEPT FOR THE BOOZE *cough*)
-Easy acess to the festival (Ferry, Train, Cab, Uber, Truck, Cowboy boots all worked to get you to Randall’s Island)
-The fact that this was being held in one of the GREATEST cities in the world
-When the artist felt bad you were standing in the rain so they came out in the rain with you
-The other arsty sign you took a picture in front of
-Bonding with absolute strangers
-Developing a Southern twang for the weekend
-The word “Y’all”
-Saying “Y’all”
-Counting down the days till next years Farmborough #Farmborough2016

So there you go folks. Just a few reasons why you should have been at the Farmborough Music Festival this past weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for news about next year because this will definitely be one festival you don’t want to miss!

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